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We kindly invite to take part in the Conference in particular:

  • scientists, lecturers and PhD students, both foreign and domestic, who are interested in widely understood issues of entrepreneurship and education;
  • the graduate and post-graduate students of geographical, economic, pedagogical and other university studies who could be interested in the Conference theme;
  • persons responsible for the realization of programs of the entrepreneurship speciality on different type university studies;
  • methodological advisers and teachers of the entrepreneurship and other subjects from the consulting centres of teachers and schools of different type;
  • authors of school curricula, textbooks and other teaching aids to teaching the entrepreneurship and economic subjects;
  • representatives of the authorities of the state, self-government and of extra-governmental organizations responsible for the education and developing the entrepreneurship;
  • employees of the business environment institutions, in particular providing advisory services in exploiting EU funds for the development of entrepreneurship;
  • entrepreneurs and other economic life participants;
  • all persons who could be interested in the Conference theme.


Languages of the Conference: Polish and English (simultaneous translation from English to Polish and Polish to English will be available during the first day of Conference).